UAB 5GTECH was established by ambitious professionals with a huge experience in the mobile network infrastructure engineering, design and construction services. Since it’s establishment, the company has been successfully growing and expanding its activities in Lithuania and abroad. Thanks to employees with many years of experience and excellent competence, who have implemented projects in many countries.

FIX networks

FIX networks

Our services:

  • Design of fiber optic and distribution lines;
  • Installation of fiber optic and distriubution lines;
  • Installation and maintenance of fiber and copper cables;
  • Welding of fiber cables and installation of couplings;
  • End customers CPE installations;
  • Installations of ODF in sentrals;
  • Preparation and submission of documentation.

Mobile network

Our company provides mobile network maintenance, installation and modernization services in the towers and masts of mobile operators, television towers, water towers, chimneys, buildings and other structures.

Our services:

  • Mobile network GSM/DCS, 3G, 4G-LTE, 5G equipment installation.
  • All type of antennas installation.
  • Metal constructions installation.
  • Feeder cables, optical fibers and DC cables installation.
  • Cable measurement with „SiteMaster“ and “PIM”.
  • Old equipments dismantling works.
  • RRL (MW) antennas installation, alignment and configuration.
  • Transmission equipment installation.
  • TSSR and Site surveys, preparation of documentation.



    JSC “5GTECH” designs and installs video surveillance systems, security or fire alarms, computer networks, intercoms or video intercoms in private or commercial facilities. We select the solutions that best meet the customer’s needs.

    Our services:

    • Desig and installation of IP, HD-SDI and analog video surveillance systems.
    • Installation of security, perimeter alarm and fire protection systems;
    • Design, installation and maintenance of access control;
    • Installation of intercoms;
    • Modernization of old video surveillance systems.
    • Installation of car registration number scanning systems
    • Preparation of all necessary documentation.

    JSC “5GTECH” designs and installs electrical installations. We pay great attention to the quality of work and deadlines.

    Our services:

    • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems installation
    • Internal electrical installation works
    • Design of lighting, power and communication networks
    • Installation of electric heating systems
    • Outdoor power cables installation
    • Cable resistance measurements
    • Preparation of all necessary documentation.



    UAB “5GTECH”

    Phone: +370 626 07809
    E-Mail: info@5gtech.lt

    Bank: SEB bankas
    Bank account no.: LT21 7044 0901 0024 0440
    Company code: 305547599
    Company VAT number: LT100013136617
    Company address: Girios str. 10-1, Giraitės country, LT-54307 Kaunas reg., Lithuania
    Office address in Vilnius: Naugarduko str. 100, 608 room, LT-03160, Vilnius, Lithuania